• कुलगीत

Deptt. of Business Finance & Economics

Head of the Department

Prof. Raman Kumar Dave


About the Department


The Department of Business Finance and Economics came into existence in 1990 as a result of restructuring of erstwhile Faculty of Commerce.

The Department offers the following courses.

  1. D.Litt. Business Finance & Economics
  2. Ph.D. Business Finance & Economics
  3. M.Phil. : Business Finance & Economics
  4. M.Com. Business Finance & Economics
  5. M.B.A. (Financial Management)
  6. P.G.Degree in Master Of Financial Analysis &  Control (M.F.C.)
  7. P.G. Diploma In International Business & Finance
  8. P.G. Diploma In Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
  9. P.G. Diploma In Banking Insurance & Operation  Management
  10. P.G. Diploma In Corporate Managerial Finance
  11. B.Com.Honours B.F.E.

The Department has produced 90 Ph.Ds.

10 Research Scholars have cleared UGC (NET) test and 7 Research students have cleared UGC (JRF).

All the courses offered by the Department are job oriented. The students get good placement in corporate sector and Government organizations

Departmental Journal:

The Department publishes well known referred Journal “International Journal of Finance and Economic Studies”

Departmental Library:

The department has its own rich Library containing approximately 5200 books for benefits of the students.

Computer Lab:

The department has well equipped computer Lab.

Conferences / Seminars / Symposium

The Department has organized a good number of National and International Conferences / Seminars / Symposium.

Details of Courses run by the Department



Name of Course Duration Eligibility Details
Intake Fee S.F.C./Govt.


1. M.Com. B.F.E.(CBCS) 2 Years  4 Semester 45% in B.Com. or 50% in


Subject .


B.A. I / B.Sc. I with Eco.

60 1975 Regular
2. B.Com.Honours B.F.E. 2 Years B.Com.Pt.I 48% in Aggregate


and 50% in subject


B.A. I / B.Sc. I with Eco.

80 1855 (REG.)

8000 (S.F.C.)


Regular and S.F.C. both


3. M.B.A. (Financial Management) 2 Years   4 Semester  50% in P.G. or U.G. 60 80000 S.F.C.


4. P. G. Diploma in International Business and Finance 1 Year Annual 48% in P.G. or U.G. 80 15000 S.F.C.


5. P. G. Diploma in Corporate Managerial Finance 1 Year
48% in U.G. or P.G. 80 15000 S.F.C.


6. P. G. Diploma in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 1 Year Annual 48% in U.G. or P.G. 80 15000 S.F.C.


7. P. G. Diploma in Banking Insurance Organization and Managment. 1 Year Annual 48% in U.G. or P.G. 80 15000 S.F.C.