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Deptt. of Business Finance & Economics

Head of the Department

Prof. Raman Kumar Dave


About the Department


The Department of Business Finance and Economics came into existence in 1990 as a result of restructuring of erstwhile Faculty of Commerce.

The Department offers the following courses.

  1. D.Litt. Business Finance & Economics
  2. Ph.D. Business Finance & Economics
  3. M.Phil. : Business Finance & Economics
  4. M.Com. Business Finance & Economics
  5. P.G.Degree in Master Of Financial Analysis &  Control (M.F.C.)
  6. P.G.Degree in Master of International Business (M.I.B.)
  7. P.G. Diploma In International Business & Finance
  8. P.G. Diploma In Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
  9. P.G. Diploma In Banking Insurance & Operation  Management
  10. P.G. Diploma In Corporate Managerial Finance
  11. B.Com.Honours B.F.E.

The Department has produced 60 Ph.Ds.

7 Research Scholars have cleared UGC (NET) test and two Research student have cleared UGC (JRF).

All the courses offered by the Department are job oriented.  The students get good placement in corporate sector and Government organizations

Departmental Journal:

The Department publishes well known referred Journal “International Journal of Finance and Economic Studies”

Departmental Library:

The department has its own rich Library containing approximately 4000 books for benefits of the students.

Computer Lab:

The department has well equipped modern computer Lab connected with Internet facility.

ICICI Bank Learning Centre:

The Department in collaboration with ICICI Bank has launched job oriented the certificate course in Banking Operation & Management.  The duration of the certificate course is of four months.

Conferences / Seminars / Symposium

The Department has organized very good number of National and International Conferences / Seminars / Symposium almost on regular basis.

Details of Courses run by the Department



Name of Course Duration Eligibility Details
Intake Fee S.F.C./Govt.


1. M.Com. B.F.E. 2 Years 45% in B.Com. or 50% in

Subject .

B.A. I / B.Sc. I with Eco.

80 1975 Regular
2. B.Com.Honours B.F.E. 2 Years B.Com.Pt.I 48% in Aggregate

and 50% in subject

B.A. I / B.Sc. I with Eco.

80 1855 (REG.)

8000 (S.F.C.)

Regular and S.F.C. both

3. M.PHIL 1 Year II Div. in Master Degree 20 20000 S.F.C.

4. M.F..C 2 Years  50% in P.G. or U.G. 60 20000 S.F.C.

5. M.I.B. 2 Years 50% in P.G. or 55% in U.G. 30 20000 S.F.C.

6. P.G.D.SAPM 1 Year 48% in U.G. or P.G. 80 8000 S.F.C.

7. P.G.D.IBF 1 Year 48% in U.G. or P.G. 80 8000 S.F.C.

8. P.G.D.BOM 1 Year 48% in U.G. or P.G. 80 8000 S.F.C.

9. P.G.D.CMF 1 Year 48% in U.G. or P.G. 80 8000 S.F.C.

Faculty Members of the Department

Prof. Dr. Mahendra Singh Rathore
Dr. Mahendra Samariya
Associate Professor
Mahendra Kumar
Associate Professor