Deptt. of Fine Arts & Painting

Faculty Members of the Department
Head of the Department
Name: Dr.(Mrs.) Ritu Johari
Mobile No.: 9413329175
Address: 34, Panch Batti Circle, Jodhpur

About the Department:


Fine Art and painting as full –fledged Department was established in the Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences. The Department introduced two academic courses, Master in Fine Arts and Painting in 2010 and the Bachelor of Fine arts and Painting in 1991. The Research Degree, Ph.D was started in the Department from 2014. At present we offer B.A. & M.A. in Painting and Ph.D in Fine Arts.
The teaching programme in the Department is focused on quality result in both Creative painting and Research. Periodic updating of syllabi in accordance with the relevance and advancement of knowledge of the subjects taught in the Department is done on regular basis.
The faculty members of the Department have proved their caliber in both research & the creative arts by their publications and participation in national and international seminars, conference, webinar and workshops, solo and group’s shows throughout the country as well as global platform.
The students of the Department are working their presence felt in the field of art at state and national levels through achieving awards, scholarships, active participation in workshops, group and solo shows and participation in Youth Festivals. The faculty members have been taking utmost care to groom their students more effectively by establishing close student- teacher contact.