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Management Studies

Head of the Department

Dr. Shishupal Singh Bhadu


About the Department

The Department of Management Studies is the most flourishing center of university with high quality of education given to students. The Department started in 1968 to impart management education for designing careers of students. The modern era has witnessed explosive growth of business in the global economy where management education has a great role in shaping the impacts of knowledge economy in deigning broad eravenues of growth.

Management education is changing where there are more openings for students to connect with greater self-confidence. The  internationalization of education has helped in building collaboration with the industry to create new role sand additional responsibilities of research and innovation.The students are groomed to face the future world where business is being impacted by changing corporate governance,innovation and inclusive growth with environmental empathy.The department is connecting with the experts of industry to build empowerment of students by designing intellectual interaction.

Facilities andLaborites

Department of Management Studies has modern computers and internet facilities for connecting the whole campus. The students are sharing and growing with online interactions through social media.

The seminar hall is beautiful with high end furniture.This is a place for interactions of teachers with students to discuss their problems and issues. The department has beautiful open ground with extensive greenery and huge tress to give the feel offreshness for beginning a good day of academic learning. Growing with nature is able singin a posh location of Residency Road.


The Department of Management Studies has technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand,because it is the pen and paper of modern time.It is the lens to witness and experience the changes of global world.The department has Hi-Tec computers and electronic boards in all classes.

Library Facilities

The library of Department is a comfortable and secure place with all abstract wall so fwords and information togive the sense of identity and liberation to become abetter individual.

The department has huge bank of more than one lakh books and networking facilities for free data access from various portals and e-libraries. The departmental so enjoys the facilities of faculty library situated in old campus.The students are affiliated to both libraries for getting books and journals for their daily academic needs.


The purpose of research is to trap mind to do its ownthinking by sensing facts and experience to develop research areas. There search sensitivity can build academics skills of people to design horizons of extensive knowledge.The recent two UGC sponsored projects which were completed in the department are:-

  • Prof.Shishupal Singh Bhadu- UGC major research project completed on “Talent Management Practices in selected higher education institutions of India and its impact on academic excellence.”
  •  Dr. Meeta Nihalani- Eco–Tourism Practices in Selected Organizations of Rajasthan and its Impact on Tourist Attitude and Satisfaction in Western Rajasthan.

Faculty and teachers Information

A great teacher is a great artist to build knowledge and research circulation in Department. Teaching is the greatest of all arts since the medium is human mind and spirit.TheDepartment has a pool of experienced and qualified teachers.There is a committed team of two professors, two Readers and four Assistant Professors.


1.Prof Shishupal Singh Bhadu (M.Com Ph.D. FDP(IIM-Ahmedabad) ( Head of Department)

2.Prof Kalpana Mathur (MBA Ph.D)


1.Dr Meeta Nihalani (MBA Ph.D.)

2. Dr Swapana Patawari (MBA Ph.D.)

Assistant Professors

1.   Dr. Pooja Gehlot (MTA, Ph.D.)

2.   Dr. Yamini Sharma (MBA, Ph.D.)

3.   Dr. Neelam Kala (MBA, UGC-NET, Ph.D., FDP(IIM-Ahmedabad)

4.   Mr. Nishant Gehlot (MBA-MBL, UGC-NET)

Courses Running inDepartment

MBA (CMAT) –Two YearPost GraduateDegreeProgram

·      Seats -60

·      Eligibility -Graduation in any discipline with 50%

·      Fees -Rs. 17500  per semester of  Govt Aided. Seat  and Rs. 31250 per semester for Self Financing Seat.

·      Features – This MBA is a reputed program catering to core management subjects

MBA (FinancialServices) Two Years Post Graduate Degree Program)

·      Seats-60

·      Eligibility-Graduation in any discipline with 48%

·      Fees  -Rs. 22400 per semester.

·      Features--MBA Finance is related to core finance subjects catering to industry needs of banking and financial institutions

MBA (Tourism&Hospitality) Two YearPostGraduateDegreeProgram)

·      Seats-30

·      Eligibility-Graduation in any discipline with 50%

·      Fees -Rs. 5000 per semester

·      Features--MBA Tourism & Hospitality caters to specialized needs of ticketing and travel industry

Executive MBA –Two Year Post Graduate Degree Program

·      Seats-30

·      Eligibility -Graduation in any discipline with 50% & two years’ work experience

·      Fees -Rs. 30000 per semester.

·      Features--MBA Executive helps to upgrade skills and talents of working people to create better tomorrow


·      Seats-Flexible

·      Eligibility-Post-Graduation Degreeand Common Entrance Exam Score

·      Fees -Rs. 10,000 for course work and other university fees.

·      Features–This program helps to build innovative and creative skills of the research scholars

Post  Graduate  Diploma  in  Tourism  &  Hotel  Management  –One  Year  Post  Graduate


·      Seats-30

·      Eligibility-Graduation in any discipline with 48%

·      Fees -Rs. 4,741

·      Features--PGTHM builds students for professional hotel sector by enhancing skills to link with basic industry needs