Dr. Bana Ram Gadi
Name: Bhana Ram Gadi
Designation: Professor
DOB: 07/07/1974
E-mail: brgadi@rediffmail.com
Mobile No.: +91 - 9413938646
Address: 126/69 Karni Nagar , Basni I phase, Jodhpur ,Rajasthan

Academic Qualification:

S.No. Name of Examination Year Name of University Subjects offered Division
1 B Sc 1996 M D S University Ajmer Chemistry, Botany , zoology I
2 M Sc 1998 M D S University Ajmer Botany I
3 M Phil 1999 M D S University, Ajmer Botany II
4 PhD 2002 J N V University Johpur Botany Award

Teaching & Research Experience Details:

S.No. Name of Institute Designation From To
1 J N Vyas University Jodhpur Professor 13/02/2016 06/08/2020
2 J N Vyas University Jodhpur Associate Professor 13/02/2013 12/02/2016
3 J N Vyas University Jodhpur Assistant Professor 12/08/2008 12/02/2013
4 Dungar College Bikaner Lecturer 05/08/2003 11/08/2008

Administrative Experience:

S.No. Name of Institute Designation From To
1 J N Vyas University Jodhpur Proctor , Faculty of Science 25/05/2011 11/07/2012
2 J N Vyas University Incharge UGC -CAS Non Thrust Area 01/04/2013 31/03/2018
3 J N Vyas University Program Officer -NSS 12/09/2011 31/03/2018

Academic Award/Honor / Fellowships::

S.No. Name of Award/Honor / Fellowships Year
1 Senior Research fellowship (CSIR) 2002
2 Summer Research Fellowship by INSA NASI IASc Banglore 2011
3 Summer Research Fellowship by INSA NASI IASc Banglore 2014

Research Projects:

Major Research Project: 1

Minor Research Projects: 1
Mentor in student projec: N/A

Consultancy projects:N/A

S.No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration Status
1 Minor research project -Metabolic responses and tolerance mechanism to different environmental stresses in some medicinal plants of the arid region of Rajasthan UGC 2 years(2006 &2007) carried out
2 Evaluation of Genetic Diversity and stress tolerance mechanism in Lasiurus sindicus Henr.: Native to Thar Desert of Rajasthan SERB -DST 3 years (2014-2017) carried out

Overseas PDF Supervised :N/A

Ph. D Awarded : 2

PhD Pursuing : 3

Post Graduate Dissertations Supervised : N/A

Research Guidance:

S.No. Name of Student Title of Thesis/PDF Submitted Awarded
1 Amra Ram Metabolic response and tolerance mechanism to different environmental stresses in Citrullus in arid region of Rajasthan N/A Awarded
2 Verma Pooja Role of plant growth regulators and various environmental stresses on growth and metabolism of Emblica officinalis Gaertn. N/A Awarded

Membership of Academic Societies:

Indian Society for Plant Physiology, New Delhi

Academic Post: Life member

Detail of Publications

Full Research paper published in (UGC-CARE List/Scopus/ Thomson Reuter/web of science listed journals)

International Journal: 8

National Journal: 12

Review Article: 2

Popular article: N/A

Other Research Publications: N/A

S.No. Title of the paper/ review Name of Journal Vol. Page no. Impact Factor
1 Effect of fluoride on metabolic patterns and nitrate reductase activity in Ziziphus seedlings. J.Global Biosi. 5 3694-8 N/A
2 Effect of heavy metals on the activities of nitrogen metabolism enzymes and some biochemical parameters in Echinochola colonum seedling grown in-vit Curr. Agric. 26 51-55 N/A
3 Effect of plant growth regulator on photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate and stomatal resistance in ber (Ziziphus manuritana cv. Seb) Curr. Agric. 25 143-46 N/A
4 Effect of salt stress on early seedling growth and chlorophyll stability index of Lasiurus sindicus Henr: Endemic to Indian Thar Desert. Biochem. Cell. Arch 16 103-06 N/A
5 Influence of NaCl on seed germination and metabolism in Vigna radiata l Int.J.Environ Sci 1 354-61 N/A
6 Oran: a traditional system for conservation of biodiversity in Indian Thar Desert Int. Edu. Res. J. 2 34-35 N/A
7 Effect of Salicylic Acid on Photosynthetic Pigments and Some Biochemical Content in Vigna Seedlings under Cadmium Stress J. Chem. Bio. Phy. Sci. 2(4) 1801-9 N/A
8 Effect of UV - B Radiation on Plants InternatInt J Sci.Res. Sci Tech 4 255-60 N/A
9 Effect of bayleton on the enzymes of ammonia assimilation enzymes in ber seedling during thermal stress Curr. Agric. 25 139-41 N/A
10 Effect of plant growth regulators on soluble protein, proline, total soluble sugars and chlorophyll content in ber plants Asian J.Exp. Sci 20 357-62 N/A
11 Effect of Fluoride and Salicyllic Acid on Seedling Growth and Biochemical Parameters of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus). Fluoride 47 49-55 1.412
12 Lipid peroxidation, antioxidant defense system and proline accumulation in seedlings of Lasiurus sindicus Henr. in response to salt stress Biochem. Cell. Arch 19 4197-2 N/A
13 Genetic diversity, population structure and gene flow pattern among populations of Lasiurus sindicus Henr. - an endemic, C4 grass of Indian Thar deser Plant Gene ( Elsevier) 21 N/A N/A
14 Influence of Salicylic acid on soluble sugars content and sucrose synthase activity in Ziziphus seedlings under moisture stress Biochem. Cell. Arch 12 21-23 N/A
15 Influence of NaF on seed germination, membrane stability and some biochemicals content in Vigna seedlings J. Chem. Bio. Phy. Sci. 2 1371-8 N/A
16 Effect of plant growth regulators on photosynthesis and some biochemical parameters in ber cv. Gola Indian J.Hort. 62 296-29 0.2
17 Effect of growth regulators on pigment composition, photosynthesis and some biochemical aspects in ber Ziziphus mauritana cv Tikdi. South Indian Horticulture 51 129-33 N/A

Published Book/ Book Chapters:

S.No. Title of the Book/ chapter Publisher Vol. Page no.
1 Effects of thermal stress on proline content and electrophoretic behavior of protein in small-millets seedling grown in-vitro I. K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi N/A 641-9
2 Abiotic stress induced proteins in plants. Pointer Publisher Jaipur N/A 173-3
3 Sources and phytotoxicity of fluorides in the environmen Today and Tomorrow Publishers, New Delhi N/A 251-25
4 Environmental impact on Biodiversity Today and Tomorrow Publishers, New Delhi N/A 276
5 Dipcadi erythraeum an endangered medicinal plants of Thar Desert Agrobios (India),Jodhpur N/A 199
6 Effects of ethephone on the activities of ammonia assimilation enzymes and metabolites of Cenchrus setigerus-76 grown in-vivo Agrobios (India),Jodhpur N/A 351

Details Fellowships: National/International/Awards:

S.No. Name of Fellowship Funding Agency Host Institute / country

Other Research Pertaining Activities:

Paper presented in Seminars/Conferences: 16

Seminars/Symposium/ Conferences attended: 14

Overseas international conferences: 1

Member of Advisory Board / Editorial Board of Journals : N/A

Organized Conference/Symposium: N/A

Any other relevant information : N/A

Citation indices:

Total Citations: 98

h-index : (Scopus): N/A

h-index : (Google Scholar): 5

i10 index: 3

Orcid ID :N/A

Scopus ID: N/A

Any other relevant information N/A

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