Dr.(Mrs.) Sangeeta Loonker
Name: Sangeeta Loonker
Designation: Professor
DOB: 11/09/1966
E-mail: sangeetag@hotmail.com
Mobile No.: +91 - 9414133860
Address: Neil,70-Jwala Vihar ,Chopasani Road Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

Academic Qualification:

S.No. Name of Examination Year Name of University Subjects offered Division
1 Secondary 1981 Rajasthan Board PCB I
2 Higher Secndary 1982 Rajasthan Board PCB I
3 B.Sc. 1985 J.N.V.U. CBZ I
4 M.Sc. 1987 J.N.V.U. Chemistry I
5 Ph.D 1990 J.N.V.U. Applied Chemistry Awarded

Teaching & Research Experience Details:

S.No. Name of Institute Designation From To
1 JNVU JRF 04/05/1987 05/05/1989
2 JNVU SRF 06/05/1989 21/12/1990
3 BANGUR COLLEGE PALI Assistant Professor 04/02/1991 15/01/1992
4 JNVU Assistant Professor 16/01/1992 16/01/2001
5 JNVU senior scale 17/01/2001 18/05/2001
6 JNVU Associate Professor 19/05/2001 30/12/2008
7 JNVU Professor promoted 31/12/2008 12/02/2013
8 JNVU Selected Professor 13/02/2013 01/07/2020

Administrative Experience:

S.No. Name of Institute Designation From To
1 Department of Chemistry Coordinator PG SFS 08/08/2012 11/08/2018
2 Faculty of Science JNVU Admission Incharge 20/04/2013 01/07/2020
3 Faculty of Science JNVU Coordinator UG SFS 15/07/2016 01/07/2020
4 Faculty of Science JNVU Coordinator UG practical Exams 20/12/2017 01/07/2020
5 JNVU Member Syndicate 25/08/2019 01/07/2020
6 Pharmacy JNVU Coordinator 28/08/2019 01/07/2020

Academic Award/Honor / Fellowships::

S.No. Name of Award/Honor / Fellowships Year
1 Bharat excellence award for education and environment 2010

Research Projects:

Major Research Project: 1

Minor Research Projects: 1
Mentor in student projec: 2

Consultancy projects:N/A

S.No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration Status
1 Extraction of trace metal....ion exchange resins. UGC 2 years completed
2 Assesment and application of green Chemistry....for fast and sustainable development UGC 3 years completed
3 Student project-Guar and Cellulose....on trace metal extraction UGC - Rajeev Gandhi fellowship 14 months completed
4 Student project-Synthesis characterization....using Green technologies DST -Inspire Fellow 4 years completed

Overseas PDF Supervised :N/A

Ph. D Awarded : 17

PhD Pursuing : 6

Post Graduate Dissertations Supervised : N/A

Research Guidance:

S.No. Name of Student Title of Thesis/PDF Submitted Awarded
1 Dr.Surbhi Vijayvergi Synthesis and characterization of ''ion specific ion exchange resins'supportedon synthetic and naturally occuring polymeric materialsand their applica N/A Awarded
2 Dr. Saurabh Kharadiya Application and synthesis of ion selectivepolymer based chelating ion exchangers N/A Awarded
3 Dr.Nitin Rehdu Guar and Cellulose bound new chelating agents:Their Synthesis and Studies on trace metal extraction N/A Awarded
4 Dr.Preeti Gupta Synthesis and characterization of chelating ion exchange resinsbased on natural polysaccharides andtheir applications N/A Awarded
5 Dr.Anjulla Asdeo Analysis of heavy metal contaminants in edibles applying various spectrophotometric techniques N/A Awarded
6 Dr. Kumudini Dadhich Synthesis characterization and applications of natural polymer based strong and weak ion selective cation exchange resins N/A Awarded
7 Dr.Sanjay Sharma New ion specific cheletaing resins based on natural polysaccharides:Their synthesis characterization and application in trace metal ..industries N/A Awarded
8 Dr. Jaismin singh Evaaluation of toxicants in some home marketed products and development of newgreen alternatives N/A Awarded
9 Dr.Richa Chouhan Synthesis characterization and application polymer bound ion selectiveagents using green technology N/A Awarded
10 Dr.Akanksha Maheswari Microwave assisted synthesis of guar thiadiazole derivatives and study of their antimicrobial and antioxidant activities N/A Awarded
11 Dr.Shruti Panwar Synthesis of new derivatives of the green biopolymer guar and their application in material science guar N/A Awarded
12 Dr.Kartika Rathore Synthesis and characterization of new guar derivatives as superabsorbents chelating agents and their appliucations N/A Awarded
13 Dr.Monika Singh Microwave assisted synthesis and applicationof new derivatives of cellulose and chitosan and study of their biological potential N/A Awarded
14 Dr.Wasem Aktar Qdari Evaluation of antioxidant activitiesof some selected medicinal plants of western Rajasthan N/A Awarded
15 Dr. Shiv Kumar Synthesis and application of Polymer bound chelating ion exchanger N/A Awarded
16 Dr.Arjun Purohit Synthesis and application of functionalized polymeric chelating agents N/A Awarded
17 Dr. Amarnath Sinha Synthesis and studies with natural and synthetic ion selective polymeric chelating agents N/A Awarded

Membership of Academic Societies:


Academic Post: Selected Professor

Detail of Publications

Full Research paper published in (UGC-CARE List/Scopus/ Thomson Reuter/web of science listed journals)

International Journal: 15

National Journal: 41

Review Article: N/A

Popular article: 3

Other Research Publications: N/A

S.No. Title of the paper/ review Name of Journal Vol. Page no. Impact Factor
1 Conveniently building the inconvenience : An impact of consumerism on environment Ecology Environment and conservation 15(3) 517-52 N/A
2 Converting waste into energy: A study on practices of solid waste management in selected cities of India Ecology Environment and conservation 15(3) 619-62 N/A
3 Water Resources Management of Arid and Phosphate Mines and Removal of Fluoride Using Guar Based Resin Proceedings of National Conference on Drinking Water & Fluoride 1 27-32 N/A
4 Insecticidal activity of Some Imidazolones derived from N-substituted Benzimidazoles against Tribolium castaneum H Green Farming 1 (2) 177-17 N/A
5 Radcliffe Line: The Watermarks of Partition Wounds Between India and Pakistan The IUP Journal of History and Culture, IV( 3) 82-91 N/A
6 Determination of Chromium, Cadmium and Lead concentrations in Onion Leaves The Journal of Ultra Chemistry 6(2) 143-14 N/A
7 Synthesis of New Chelating ion exchange resin specific for zinc Pollution Research 29(2) 333-33 N/A
8 Environmental Impact Assessment : Tool for Sustainable Development Ecology Environment and Conservation 16(2) 249-25 N/A
9 Analytical Separation of Copper (II) and Cadmium (II) using polymer bounds imino diacetic acid. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, 5(3) 29-32. N/A
10 Analytical Separation of Copper (II), Cobalt (II) and Nickel (II) using DVBSA : A chelating polymer. Oriental Journal of Chemistry 17 (3) 455-45 N/A
11 Removal of colours from Aqueous Solution by Polymeric Resin Journal of Industrial Pollution Control 17 (2) 347-35 N/A
12 Microwave Assisted Synthesis,Characterization and Evaluation ofAntimicrobial Activity of 1,3,4-thiadiazole Derivative of Guargum Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res. 46 (2) 60-65. N/A
13 Metal Contamination in Chocolate and candies Marketed in Rajasthan Proceedings NCMST-2012 1 249-25 N/A
14 Synthesis and Applications of Chelating Resins of Polysaccharide containing Dihydroxamic acid group. Carbohydrates - Structure, Synthesis and Application edited book 107 N/A
15 Selective adsorption of metal ions on a new chelating Ion-exchange resin chemically derived from guaran. J. Polymer Materials 12 257-26 N/A
16 Synthesis of novel film of poly vinyl alcohol modified guar gum with tamarind seed kernel powder and its characterization. Asian journal of research in chemistry 10 (5) 616-62 N/A
17 Preparation, characterization and swelling properties of superabsorbent composite International Journal of ChemTech Research 10(9) 101-10 N/A
18 Physico-Chemical investigation on Carpet Grade Wool and its Effluent., Oriental Journal of Chemistry 17 (3) 469-47 N/A
19 Synthesis and Application of ion Selective Chelating Resin derived from Gaur Asian Journal of Chemistry 14 (1) 395-39 N/A
20 Dye removal by low cost adsorbent prepared from prosopis cineraria of Thar Desert. Pollution Research 22 (1) 61-64. N/A
21 Separation of Trace Metal Mixture by Means of Cellulose Derived Chelating Ion-Exchange resin. Int. J. Chem. Sci 5(2) 814-82 N/A
22 Antioxident activity(In-Vitro) of calotropis procera extract from arid region of rajasthan Int. J. Cur. Res. Rev 7(19) 55-59 N/A
23 Microwave assisted synthesis of chitosan epoxy aspargine hydroxamate (CE-AH), characterization and study of its antimicrobial activity Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry 10 (4) 497-50 N/A
24 Synthesis and characterization of novel composite of Methyl Methacrylate grafted Guar Gum with Tamarind Kernel Seed Powder Advances in polymer science and technology: An international journal 7 (1) 14-17 N/A
25 Synthesis, Characterization and Swelling Behaviour of Guar Gum-g-poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Superabsorbent Nanocomposite Asian journal of chemical science 2 (1) 1-13 N/A
26 Synthesis and swelling properties of superabsorbent composite based on guar gum and bentonite. Advances in polymer science and technology: An international journal 7 (1) 7-13 N/A
27 The inhibitory effect of newly synthesized guar epoxy N-methyl piperazine on the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. International journal of advanced research 5 (2) 333-34 N/A
28 Detection and removal of iron from water Journal of Ultra Chemistry 8(1) 96-100 N/A
29 Determination of heavy metal toxicity in Toys procured from China Proceedings NCMST-2012 1 228-23 N/A
30 Adsorptive removal of crystal violet dye from an aqueous solution using guar gum grafted poly (methyl methacrylate) superabsorbent nanocomposite Pollution Research 37 (2) 155-16 N/A
31 Removal of Methylene blue dye from an aqueous solution using guar gum g poly(methyl methacrylate) superabsorbent nanocomposite Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment 21 (1) 1-7 N/A
32 Microwave assisted synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of newly synthesized1,3,5-thiadiazole derivative of Guar Gum International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 10( 2), 666-67 N/A
33 Label free biosensors for screening estrogenic activity Indian Journal of Chemistry 59A 640-64 N/A
34 Use of Guar derived chelating Ion-Exchange Resin in Separation of Metals Nature Environment and Pollution Technology 6 (4) 693-69 N/A
35 Mining Hazards: Implications and Recommendations for Prevention of Silicosis with Special Reference to Sandstone Mines of Rajasthan Icfai Journal of Environmental Economics 5(4) 44-51. N/A
36 The rapid assessment of coliforms in drinking water by a new technique Ecology Environment and conservation 13(4) 869-87 N/A
37 Separation of Cu (II) and Ni (II) Ions from a solution using newly synthesized CT-APAH resin by column chromatography Current Agriculture A Premier Journal of Aridity, Salinity and Environment 34(1-2) 75-80 N/A
38 Removal and Recovery of Zu2+ and Cd2+ from aqueous solutions using newly synthesized CE-AMBA resin by column chromatography Asian Journal of Chemical and Environmental Research 3(3) 8-12 N/A
39 The big and the small of Universe Ecology Environment and conservation 13(4) 899-90 N/A
40 Aluminium Extraction by Means of Dihydroximate of Iminodiacetic Acid Derivative of Chitosan. Nature Environment and Pollution Technology 7 (2) 197-20 N/A
41 Reviving Rural India : Its a richer Pace Finsights 1 N/A N/A
42 Use of newly synthesized guar based chelating ion exchange resin in chromatographic separation of Copper and Nickel Bulgarian Chemical Communications. 41 (1) 19- 22 N/A
43 Chromatographic separation and determination of Cd(II) by means of Newly synthesizedIon exchange resin Research journal of Chemistry and Environment 14(3) 36-39 N/A
44 Root zone technology for waste water management: A critical review Green Farming 1(6) 664-66 N/A
45 A Comparative Analysis of Trace Metals in Vegetables Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology 5(2) 125-13 N/A
46 Impact of Globalization on Cross border Innovation and R&D African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development. 3(1) 190-20 N/A
47 Studies of newly synthesized GT-AAH Resin derived from Guar. International Journal of Basic and Applied Chemical Sciences, 1(1) 29-36 N/A
48 Alarming heavy metal contaminants in wheat flour causing health hazards Pollution Research 32(3) 575-58 N/A
49 Risk assessment of tea for heavy metal contamination Current Agriculture A Premier Journal of Aridity, Salinity and Environment 37(1-2) 65-70 N/A
50 The inhibitory effect of Newly Synthesized Guar, Chitosan and Cellulose resins on the growth of Pathogenic Bacteria AFINIDAD 72 571 N/A
51 Assessment of skin creams for heavy metal poisoning. NEERI Journal of environmental science and engg. 57(2) 156-15 N/A
52 Mining Hazards: Implications and Recommendations for Prevention of Silicosis with Special Reference to Sandstone Mines of Rajasthan Reprinted in SSRN Social Science Research Network Managed and Co-hosted by Standford law University, European Corporate governance school and Korea U N/A N/A N/A
53 Radcliffe Line: The Watermarks of Partition Wounds Between India and Pakistan Reprinted in SSRN Social Science Research Network Managed and Co-hosted by Standford law University, European Corporate governance school and Korea U N/A N/A N/A
54 Risk assessment of heavy metal toxicants in hair oil International journal for research in applied science and engineering technologies. 4(II) 338-34 N/A
55 Synthesis,characterization and application guar epoxy dithizone in toxic heavy metal treatment. International journal for scientific research and development 4(06) 645-64 N/A
56 Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of chitosan epoxy n- methyl piperazine as antimicrobial activity Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res 45(1) 266-27 N/A

Published Book/ Book Chapters:

S.No. Title of the Book/ chapter Publisher Vol. Page no.
1 Inorganic ChemistB.Sc. II year 1st edition (2006)2nd edition(2014) Ramesh Book Depot N/A N/A
2 Practical Chemistry B.Sc. I year 2nd edition (2016-2017) Ramesh Book Depot N/A N/A

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Paper presented in Seminars/Conferences: 25

Seminars/Symposium/ Conferences attended: 30

Overseas international conferences: N/A

Member of Advisory Board / Editorial Board of Journals : Organised on IPR

Organized Conference/Symposium: 6

Any other relevant information : Organised on IPR

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Total Citations: 70

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h-index : (Google Scholar): 3

i10 index: 1

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