Dr. Sharad Bissa
Name: Sharad Bissa
Designation: Assistant Professor
DOB: 04/07/1980
E-mail: bissasharad@yahoo.co.in
Mobile No.: +91 - 9461012704
Address: I/S Siwanchi Gate Raghunathpura,Near Shiv Mandir Jodhpur

Academic Qualification:

S.No. Name of Examination Year Name of University Subjects offered Division
1 B.Sc 2001 JNV University, Jodhpur Chem, Bot, Geo I
2 M.Sc 2003 JNV University, Jodhpur Botany I
3 PhD 2007 JNV University, Jodhpur Botany N/A
4 SET 2005 RPSC, Ajmer Botany N/A
5 NET 2005 ICAR, New Delhi Biotechnology N/A
6 GATE 2004 IIT, Delhi (MHRD) Life Science N/A

Teaching & Research Experience Details:

S.No. Name of Institute Designation From To
1 Department of Botany, JNV University, Jodhpur Assistant Professor 13/02/2013 31/07/2040
2 Mahila PG Mahavidyalaya, Jodhpur Assistant Professor 07/07/2008 12/02/2013

Details of Consultancy Project/s grid :

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Membership of Academic Societies:

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Academic Post:

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Scopus/WOS Indexed Publication/s:

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Other Publication/s:

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Published Book/s :

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Editor/s in Journals :

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Invited Speaker/ Resource Person in Conferences/Workshop/ Seminar:

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Paper Presented in International Conferences/ workshop/ Seminar:

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Participated in Co-Curricular Activities:

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Publication/s In CARE listed Journals:

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Administrative Experience:

S.No. Name of Institute Designation From To
1 JNV University, Jodhpur NSS Program Officer 01/07/2016 30/06/2019
2 JNV University, Jodhpur Member, COC and Studies in Botany 06/06/2013 05/06/2016
3 JNV University, Jodhpur Academic Council Member(Elected) 13/02/2013 24/10/2015
4 JNV University, Jodhpur Member, PG Botanical Excursion 19/11/2019 02/12/2019

Academic Award/Honor / Fellowships::

S.No. Name of Award/Honor / Fellowships Year
1 APSI Award 2016
2 FAPS 2017

Research Projects:

Major Research Project: N/A

Minor Research Projects: N/A
Mentor in student projec: N/A

Consultancy projects:N/A

S.No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration Status

Overseas PDF Supervised :N/A

Ph. D Awarded : N/A

PhD Pursuing : 2

Post Graduate Dissertations Supervised : N/A

Research Guidance:

S.No. Name of Student Title of Thesis/PDF Submitted Awarded

Membership of Academic Societies:

1. Academy of Plant Sciences INDIA (APSI). 2. Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA). 3. Association of Microbiologists of INDIA (AMI). 4. Indian Society of Biosciences (ISB). 5. Society for Envir

Academic Post: Member

Detail of Publications

Full Research paper published in (UGC-CARE List/Scopus/ Thomson Reuter/web of science listed journals)

International Journal: 3

National Journal: 9

Review Article: N/A

Popular article: 3

Other Research Publications: N/A

S.No. Title of the paper/ review Name of Journal Vol. Page no. Impact Factor
1 Traditions in oral hygiene: Chewing of betel (Piper betel) leaves Current Science 92(1) 26-28 N/A
2 Antibacterial potential of three naked seeded (Gymnosperm) plants Natural Product Radiance 7(5) 420-25 N/A
3 Antimicrobial Botanicals Against Enterobacter aerogenes Advances in Plant Sciences. 28(2) 269-27 N/A
4 Evaluation of Antibacterial Potential of Ephedra foliata Bioss. ex. C.A.Mey The Bioscan 10(3) 1169-7 N/A
5 Antibacterial potential of pot marigold Journal of Microbiology and Antimicrobials 3(3) 51-54 N/A
6 Carbon Credits: Todays new currency mantra(Correspondence) Current Science 99(4) 411-12 N/A

Published Book/ Book Chapters:

S.No. Title of the Book/ chapter Publisher Vol. Page no.
1 Advances in Medicinal Plant Research (Edited Book) Agrobios (INDIA). N/A N/A
2 Medicinal Properties of Pteridophytes. Medicinal Plants and Raw Drugs of Tribals. Pointer Publications, Jaipur N/A 37-43

Details Fellowships: National/International/Awards:

S.No. Name of Fellowship Funding Agency Host Institute / country

Other Research Pertaining Activities:

Paper presented in Seminars/Conferences: 20

Seminars/Symposium/ Conferences attended: 20

Overseas international conferences: N/A

Member of Advisory Board / Editorial Board of Journals : N/A

Organized Conference/Symposium: N/A

Any other relevant information : N/A

Citation indices:

Total Citations: 129

h-index : (Scopus): 3

h-index : (Google Scholar): 5

i10 index: 3

Orcid ID :N/A

Scopus ID: N/A

Any other relevant information N/A

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