Dr. H. R. Dagla
Name: Harchand R. Dagla
Designation: Professor
DOB: 07/02/1969
E-mail: hrdagla@gmail.com
Mobile No.: +91 - 9414365491
Address: N/A

Academic Qualification:

S.No. Name of Examination Year Name of University Subjects offered Division
1 Ph.D. 2001 Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur Plant Biotechnology -
2 M.Sc. 1991 Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur Botany with Plant Biotechnology Specialization First
3 NET-JRF 1991 CSIR Life Science -

Teaching & Research Experience Details:

S.No. Name of Institute Designation From To
1 Govt. College Jhalawar Lecturer 23/01/1992 17/07/1993
2 Govt. College Jaisalmer Lecturer 19/07/1993 29/07/1996
3 Jai Narain Vyas,University, Jodhpur Assistant Professor 30/07/1996 09/12/2001
4 Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur Associate Professor 10/12/2001 29/08/2012
5 Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur Professor 30/08/2012 N/A

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Published Book/s :

S.No. Name of author Title of book Publisher Year authored
1 Prof. H.R.Dagla PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY (HINDI)-eBOOK Kindle eBook [Print Replica]-amazon (2019) https:/ 2019 N/A

Published Book Chapter/s :

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Editor/s in Journals :

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Invited Speaker/ Resource Person in Conferences/Workshop/ Seminar:

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Paper Presented in International Conferences/ workshop/ Seminar:

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1 Wild plants: Genetic resources for future agricul Harlan II: An International Symposium, Biodiversit University of California, Davis, USA 2008
2 Innovative approaches for in vitro culture of plan International Association for Plant Biotechnology Melbourne, Australia 2014

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Publication/s In CARE listed Journals:

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Administrative Experience:

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1 K N College for Women, J N V University, Jodhpur Coordinator(Founder), B.Sc. Biotechnology (SFS) 01/07/2007 31/05/2010

Academic Award/Honor / Fellowships::

S.No. Name of Award/Honor / Fellowships Year
1 Financial Award from UGC (JNVU, Jodhpur):for presenting research paper in-International Association for Plant Biotechnology Congress 10-15 August 2014, Melbourne, Australia. 2014
2 Financial Award from DST: for presenting Invited research paper in-Harlan II: An International Symposium Biodiversity in Agriculture: Domestication, Evolution & Sustainability.14th -18th September, 2008, University of California, Davis, USA. 2008
3 Junior Research Fellowship-CSIR 1991

Research Projects:

Major Research Project: 1

Minor Research Projects: 1
Mentor in student projec: N/A

Consultancy projects:N/A

S.No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration Status
1 Somatic cell genetics of certain halophytes and xerophytes of Indian Desert Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur 2 years(2001) Completed
2 In vitro studies on growth and development of two important plant species of Indian Arid Environment UGC 3 years (2010) Completed

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Detail of Publications

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International Journal: 15

National Journal: 16

Review Article: 2

Popular article: 4

Other Research Publications: N/A

S.No. Title of the paper/ review Name of Journal Vol. Page no. Impact Factor
1 Bharat mein Harit Kranti Gyan Vigyan (CDRI) 22 (2009) 23- Nil
2 Micropropagation of Glossonema varians (Stocks) Benth. ex Hook. f.a rare Asclepiadeae of Indian Thar Desert In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Plant 54 (2018) 637- 1.814
3 Standardization of 1-and 2-D protein profiling of Haloxylon species: Basis of proteome analysis of haloxerophytes Indian J Exp Biol 58 (2020) 487- 0.783
4 Cloning of desert shrub Leptadenia pyrotechnica from mature shoots and their genetic stability analyses by RAPD, ISSR and ISJ markers Indian Journal of Biotechnology 15 (2016) 427- 0.413
5 Micropropagation of Selected Genotype of Aloe vera L. - An Ancient Plant for Modern Industry Journal of Sustainable Forestry 28(8) 935- 1.272
6 Plant Tissue Culture Historical Developments and Applied Aspects Resonance 17 (8) (2012) 759- Nil
7 In vitro mass propagation of plants of Indian arid zones In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Plant 54 (Suppl 1)2018 S50 1.814
8 Little known uses of Haloxylon spp. in traditional food Natural Product Radiance 5 (2006) 131- Nil
9 Origin of Agriculture Science Reporter 43(1) (2006) 10- Nil
10 Cloning of adult trees of Jamum (Syzygium cumini) Indian Journal of Biotechnology 3 (2004) 241- 0.413
11 NET (CSIR-UGC) examination scheme in life science needs to be revised Current Science 96 (2009) 628- 0.926
12 Growth and biochemical analysis of evergreen haloxeric tree species Salvadora oleoides and Salvadora persica under NaCl stress Acta Physiol Plant 38(5) (2016) 111- 1.760
13 Oran: A sacred way for biodiversity conservation in Indian Thar Desert Current Science 93 (2007) 279 0.926
14 Thermostability assessment, profiling and localization of peroxidase activity in stem tissues of Leptadenia pyrotechnica: a defensive enzyme high temp Indian J Exp Biol 56 (2018) 694- 0.783
15 Genetic diversity analysis of Leptadenia pyrotechnica in Jodhpur region of India Gene Reports 10 (2018) 157- Nil
16 Micropropagation of Leptadenia pyrotechnica (Forsk.) Decne. A Multipurpose Plant of an Arid Environment Journal of Sustainable Forestry 31(3) (2012) 283- 1.272
17 Optimization of in vitro regeneration of Haloxylon salicornicum: a keystone species of extreme arid regions Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants 24 (6) (2018) 1317- 2.005
18 Cultivation of Jatropha curcas on wastelands of drought prone regions: projections and realities Expert seminar on Jatropha curcas L. Agronomy and genetics 2007 26-28 Nil
19 Desert Bloom Vigyan Pragati (NISCAIR, CSIR) 3 (2007) 19-20 Nil
20 Establishment and economic evaluation of micropropagated Jeewanti (Leptadenia reticulata Wight & Arn.) plants in field Natural Product Radiance 5(4) (2006) 311- Nil
21 Indigenous and Modern Scientific Strategies for Characterization, Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Bio- resour of the Indian.. Journal of Arid Land Studies 24 (2014) 5-8 Nil
22 In vitro multiplication of Haloxylon recurvum (Moq.)-A plant for saline soil reclamation Journal of Plant Biotechnology 7(3) (2005) 1-5 Nil
23 Plant regeneration from tissue culture of Chloris virgata: A salt tolerant desert grass Indian Journal of Biotechnology 4 (2004) 400- 0.413
24 Genetic diversity analysis of Salvadora persica: An evergreen halo-xeric species of semi-arid and sub-humid regions of Rajasthan, India Ecological Genetics and Genomics 2 (2017) 35- Nil
25 Grain protein estimation and SDS-PAGE profiling of six important arid legumes Legume Research-An International Journal 40 (2017) 485- 0.33
26 Standardization of DNA extraction and genetic diversity analysis of Haloxylon salicornicum: An underutilized species of extreme arid environment Plant Gene 12 (2017) 66- Nil

Published Book/ Book Chapters:

S.No. Title of the Book/ chapter Publisher Vol. Page no.
1 In vitro culture of plants from arid environments Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA (Germany)(2014) I 933-
2 Development of Suitable Protocol for Regeneration of Lasiurus sindicus (Shewan): A valuable grass of Thar Desert Forest Research Institute (ICFRE), Dehradun (2008) I 1-6
3 Regeneration and micropropagation in service of forestry as basic and applied plant sciences SAC Publications, Mangalore (2004) I 383-
4 Micropropagation of woody plants Anamaya Publishers, New Delhi (2004) I 195-
5 Abstract and Souvenir:National symposium on prospects and potential of plant biotechnology in India in 21st century(23 rd PTCA Symposium) Department of Botany, J N V University, Jodhpur (2000) N/A N/A

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Other Research Pertaining Activities:

Paper presented in Seminars/Conferences: 4

Seminars/Symposium/ Conferences attended: 4

Overseas international conferences: 2

Member of Advisory Board / Editorial Board of Journals : N/A

Organized Conference/Symposium: N/A

Any other relevant information : N/A

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Total Citations: 136

h-index : (Scopus): 7

h-index : (Google Scholar): 11

i10 index: 11

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