Mr. Hitendra Goyal
Name: Hitendra Goyal
Designation: Assistant Professor
DOB: 11/01/1983
Mobile No.: +91 - 9461069113
Address: 228, Padmavati Nagar, Jalam Vilas Paota B road Jodhpur

Academic Qualification:

S.No. Name of Examination Year Name of University Subjects offered Division
1 10th 1998 RBSE All Basics First
2 12th 2000 RBSE Hist, Pol.Sc., Rajasthani First
3 B.A. 2003 JNVU Eng, Hist, Philosophy First
4 M.A. 2006 JNVU ENGLISH First
5 B.Ed. 2007 Kota University Basics First
6 Ph.D. 2010 JNVU English First
7 SET 2012 RPSC English Qualified
8 NET 2012 UGC English Qualified

Teaching & Research Experience Details:

S.No. Name of Institute Designation From To
1 Department of English, JNVU Assistant Professor 13/02/2013 14/01/2023
2 Department of Englisg,JNVU Research scholar 12/10/2007 13/10/2010

Details of Consultancy Project/s grid :

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Membership of Academic Societies:

S.No. Name Of Society Remark

Academic Post:

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Scopus/WOS Indexed Publication/s:

S.No. Title of paper Name of journal Year Vol Impact

Other Publication/s:

S.No. Title of paper Name of journal Year Vol

Published Book/s :

S.No. Name of author Title of book Publisher Year authored
1 Dr. Hitendra Goyal Fragmented Fury, A collection of English Poetry Bodhi Prakashan Jaipur 2019 Authored

Published Book Chapter/s :

S.No. Name of author Title of book Publisher Year volpageno

Editor/s in Journals :

S.No. nameofjournal associateeditor publishinghouse impactfactor
1 Jodhpur Studies in English Editorial Board Member N/A N/A

Invited Speaker/ Resource Person in Conferences/Workshop/ Seminar:

S.No. Title of paper Details of conference hostinstitute Vol
1 Dream Building Orientation programme MBM University 2022
2 Communication skills and English Seminar JIET college 2022
3 ANANDAM ITS IMPORTANCE Seminar Lucky Institute of Professional Studies 2021
4 Ice breaking and presentation skills Orientation Programme DRDO 2021
5 Communication skills and inter personal relations Refresher Programme DRDO 2020
6 Migration and Literature One Day National Webinar held by Department of Eng Deshbhakt Anandrao Balwantrao Naik Arts and Scienc 2020
7 Control over voice, accent and inflection Indian speakers' Forum LAFZ 2020
8 English is easy and personality traits Inter College Seminar Lucky Institute of Professional Studies 2019
9 Office Etiquettes and communication Orientation programme DRDO 2019
10 Communication skills and Inter Personal relations Orientation programme DRDO 2019
11 Importance of Communication and soft skills Refresher Programme DRDO 2019
12 Ice Breaking Orientation Programme DRDO 2019
13 Dream Building and Importance of Language Orientation Programme MBM University 2018
14 Communication Skills and art of oration Workshop Govt Engineering College Bikaner 2018
15 Role of teh Unifest to Enhance the Cultural and Mg Unifest Meet at CU Chandigarh Chandigarh University, Chandigar 2018
16 Importance of Communication and Soft Skills NSS Programme JNVU 2017
17 Communication and soft skills Literary Workshop DN college Hisar 2016

Paper Presented in International Conferences/ workshop/ Seminar:

S.No. Title of paper Details of conference Hostinstitute year
1 Women through the eyes of Kamla Das: A study with International Conference Deptt of Sociology JNVU 2016
2 Role of Women in shaping the society: A study of w International conference SS Jain Sibodh College Jaipur 2014
3 Global Democratic nation building in South Asian L International Conference Deptt of Pol Science JNVU 2014

Paper Presented in National Conferences/ Workshop/ Seminar:

S.No. Title of paper Details of conference Hostinstitute year
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No Records(s) !
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National Workshop/ Conferences/ Seminar Attended:

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Any other relevant information:

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Participated in Co-Curricular Activities:

S.No. Activity Year
1 Anandam Lectures 2022
2 NSS Lectures 2022
3 Team Manager National youth festival 2022
4 SSB Debate as Convener 2021
5 SSB Theatre Events Convener 2021
6 SSB Debate as Convener 2020
7 Team Manager National youth festival 2020
8 Team Manager National youth festival 2019
9 Team Manager National youth festival 2018
10 Acted 4 plays 2018
11 Acted in 3 plays 2017
12 SSB Debate as Convener 2017
13 Team Manager National youth festival 2016
14 Team Manager National Youth Festival 2015
15 Acted in 5 plays 2019
16 Acted in 2 plays 2020
17 Acted in 3 plays 2021
18 Acted in 6 plays 2022

Publication/s In CARE listed Journals:

S.No. nameofauthor titleofpaper nameofjournal vol pageno

Administrative Experience:

S.No. Name of Institute Designation From To
1 SSB, JNVU Cultural co coordinator 05/06/2018 24/06/2020
2 AIU , Association of Indian Universities AIU Panelist and Jury member 01/01/2015 15/07/2020
3 SSB JNVU Cultural Coordinator 01/06/2021 12/01/2023
4 Theatre Cell, JNVU Convener/ Director 01/07/2021 12/01/2023
5 SSB JNVU Convener Debate 01/08/2015 30/06/2017
6 SSB JNVU Convener Theatre 01/07/2021 12/01/2023
7 Sports Board JNVU Game Expert 01/07/2021 12/01/2023
8 NSS JNVU Programme Officer 01/07/2014 30/06/2015
9 Deptt of English Admission Incharge 02/07/2018 30/06/2021
10 Anandam JNVU Member and Presenter 01/07/2021 12/01/2023
11 JNVU Polling Officer 01/07/2014 12/01/2023

Academic Award/Honor / Fellowships::

S.No. Name of Award/Honor / Fellowships Year
1 Award for English Poetry at 10th International Poetry Fest, 2017 Guntur 2017
2 Master of Creative Impulse and Performing Arts in World Poetry Conference, Bhatinda 2019
3 National Elocution Competition Winner, BHU 2005

Research Projects:

Major Research Project: N/A

Minor Research Projects: N/A
Mentor in student projec: N/A

Consultancy projects:N/A

S.No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration Status

Overseas PDF Supervised :N/A

Ph. D Awarded : N/A

PhD Pursuing : N/A

Post Graduate Dissertations Supervised : N/A

Research Guidance:

S.No. Name of Student Title of Thesis/PDF Submitted Awarded
1 Devanshi Dave N/A N/A N/A

Membership of Academic Societies:


Academic Post: N/A

Detail of Publications

Full Research paper published in (UGC-CARE List/Scopus/ Thomson Reuter/web of science listed journals)

International Journal: N/A

National Journal: 10

Review Article: N/A

Popular article: N/A

Other Research Publications: N/A

S.No. Title of the paper/ review Name of Journal Vol. Page no. Impact Factor
1 Woman a simple human being stll to be understood: A study of Bapsi Sidhwa and Taslima Nasrin LangLit VI (2) 51 5.61
2 Search of Identity and Selfhood: A Revisit of Mantos Mozel and Black Salwar Jodhpur Studies in English XVI 150 N/A
3 Role of a teacher as mentor and guide UGC sponsored National Seminar Proceeding 'Development of communication skills among the under-privileged students of rural colleges' I 43 N/A
4 Question of self and Identity Crisis: Reference to Taslima Nasrins French Lover Jodhpur Studies in English XII 116 N/A
5 Poem: Dangerous Present International Anthology of English Poems Symphony of Peace I 164 N/A
6 Ecological Reverberations in the poems of Wordsworth Reverberations of Environmental sense and sensibility I 103 N/A
7 Exploring the Tresses of Folk tradition in the poems of Sarojini Naidu Journal of RASE in English XI 181 N/A
8 Poem: Self Trap International Anthology of English Poems THE CURRENT I 56 N/A
9 Poem: Unspoken Unheard Jodhpur Studies in English XVII 112 N/A
10 Poem: Unwavering Faith International anthology of English Poetry named The Difficult Times I 86 N/A
11 A Woman caught in the web of self contradiction: Desai's Nanda Kaul LangLit VII (2) 234 5.61

Published Book/ Book Chapters:

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Details Fellowships: National/International/Awards:

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Other Research Pertaining Activities:

Paper presented in Seminars/Conferences: 20

Seminars/Symposium/ Conferences attended: 35

Overseas international conferences: N/A

Member of Advisory Board / Editorial Board of Journals : N/A

Organized Conference/Symposium: 1

Any other relevant information : N/A

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Total Citations: N/A

h-index : (Scopus): N/A

h-index : (Google Scholar): N/A

i10 index: N/A

Orcid ID :N/A

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Any other relevant information N/A

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