Dr. R.J. Sengwa
Name: Ram Jeewan Sengwa
Designation: Professor
DOB: 01/07/1964
E-mail: rjsengwa@rediffmail.com
Mobile No.: +91 - 9414772555
Address: N/A

Academic Qualification:

S.No. Name of Examination Year Name of University Subjects offered Division
1 M.Sc. 1985 Jodhpur University, Jodhpur Physics I
2 Ph.D. 1989 Jodhpur University, Jodhpur Physics NA

Teaching & Research Experience Details:

S.No. Name of Institute Designation From To
1 Jai Narain Vyas Univeristy, Jodhpur Professor 30/12/1991 N/A

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Publication/s In CARE listed Journals:

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Administrative Experience:

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Academic Award/Honor / Fellowships::

S.No. Name of Award/Honor / Fellowships Year
1 Journal of Molecular Liquids - Elsevier- Editorial Board 2012
2 Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences CSIR-NISCAIR- Editorial Board 2014
3 American Chemical Society membership award 2013
4 Rectars Award from University of Lodz, Poland for excellent collaborative Research Publications 2016

Research Projects:

Major Research Project: 6

Minor Research Projects: N/A
Mentor in student projec: N/A

Consultancy projects:N/A

S.No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration Status
1 SAP DRS-II UGC, New Delhi From 01-04-2016 to 31-03-2021 Ongoing
2 Structural and ion-conduction studies of microwave-assisted synthesized blend polymer nanocomposites electrolytes investigated by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy DST, New Delhi From 03-10-2011 to 02-01-2015 Completed
3 Dielectric study of limestone and other minerals and rocks of western Rajasthan State DST, Jaipur From 29.03.2001 to 30.04.2004 Completed
4 Dielectric behaviour of the mixtures of cellosolves and carbitol in polar and non-polar solvents at microwave frequencies UGC, New Delhi From 20.03.2003 to 30.06.2006 Completed
5 Dielectric behaviour and molecular dynamics of associating polymers and oligomers and their mixtures in different solvents DST, New Delhi From 16.12.2003 to 30.09.2007 Completed
6 Dielectric Study for the Investigation of Heterogeneous Interaction Behaviour of Hydroxyl and Amino Groups in Binary and Ternary Mixtures of Polar Liquids UGC, New Delhi From 26-02-2008 to 30.03.2011 Completed

Overseas PDF Supervised :N/A

Ph. D Awarded : 9

PhD Pursuing : N/A

Post Graduate Dissertations Supervised : N/A

Research Guidance:

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Academic Post: N/A

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International Journal: 155

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Other Research Pertaining Activities:

Paper presented in Seminars/Conferences: 30

Seminars/Symposium/ Conferences attended: 30

Overseas international conferences: 4

Member of Advisory Board / Editorial Board of Journals : N/A

Organized Conference/Symposium: 2

Any other relevant information : N/A

Citation indices:

Total Citations: 3975

h-index : (Scopus): 32

h-index : (Google Scholar): 37

i10 index: 116

Orcid ID :0000-0001-9109-9883

Scopus ID: 7003441404

Any other relevant information N/A

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