Deptt. of Chemical Engineering

Faculty Members of the Department
Head of the Department
Name: Dr. Sushil Kumar Saraswat
Mobile No.: 9194407800

About the Department:

The department of Chemical Engineering has been recognized in India for the excellence in academics. The Department was commenced in the year 1999 and it was started by Late Dr S.N. Vyas with 30 undergraduate students in the B. E. Chemical Engineering programme and has been doing its best to bring about excellence in academics achieved in the last 21 years and it is continuously striving to improve the quality of education to meet the needs of industries and to excel in academics and research.
The current sanctioned strength of the B.E. Chemical Engineering programme is 30 by REAP and 3 students come from lateral entry. The first batch passed out in the year 2003 from the department.
The department is equipped with undergraduate laboratories and research laboratory that have been strengthened and modernized under TEQIP (World Bank) grants and other grants. The faculty actively participates in sponsored research and consultancy work.
The course curriculum of the department is designed with special focus to effectively meet the current challenges of the industries. The department offers the students wide range of subjects, taught by eminent professors with decades of industry and research exposure, enabling students to pursue their dream courses in-depth and build core competency. With practical exposure through two industry summer internships and regular workshops, students of Chemical Engineering are honed in their skill sets, making them versatile and industry-ready.

Programs Offered

1. Four-year B.E. in Chemical Engineering (30 students/year)
2. Ph.D. programme

Academic Structures (B.E.)

• Computer Oriented Numerical Analysis
• Fluid Flow Operation
• Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
• Heat Transfer Operation
• Chemical Equipment Design
• Chemical Technology
• Process Instrumentation and Control
• Petroleum Refining
• Process Dynamics and Control
• Chemical Reaction Engineering
• Mass Transfer Operation
• Fluid Particle Dynamics
• Industrial Economics and Management
• Material Science
• Safety in Chemical Plants
• Molecular Biology
• Mathematics Methods in Chemical Engineering
• Bio Chemical Engineering
• Transport Phenomena
• Chemical Engineering Optimization
• Phase Equilibrium and Industrial Application
• Energy Resources
• Pollution Engineering
• Polymer Science and Technology

Research Areas

Major research areas in the department are Heterogeneous Catalysis, Hydrogen production process, Photoelectrochemistry, Pyrolysis, Water Treatment, Environmental Engineering, Equipment Design, Petroleum Refining, Characterization and optimization of surfactant foam and Detergents.

Major Laboratories in the Department

• Mass transfer operations Lab
• Environmental Engineering Lab
• Petroleum Analysis Lab
• Fluid Flow Operations Lab
• Fluid Particle Dynamics Lab
• Computer & Simulation Lab
• Equipment Design Lab
• Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab
• Process Dynamics and Control Lab
• Heat Transfer Operations Lab
• Analytical (Research) Lab

Message from the Head of Department: Dr. Sushil Kumar Saraswat

The substantial growth of any industry requires young and intelligent individuals with abundance of enthusiasm. In today’s scenario, where the industrial requirements are changing rapidly, the chemical engineering
department provides highly motivated and talented tailor-made chemical engineers. With diverse research field of the faculty members in core chemical and various interdisciplinary areas, the department continues its legacy of being a forefront education center in western Rajasthan. This is attested by our alumni who have distinguished themselves in the academia, industry and entrepreneurship in India and abroad. The rigorous academic curriculum, inter-discipline courses and 11 modern laboratories provide hands-on experience with state-of -the-art technology. The students also have skills that are meticulously cultivated during their stay at the institute. In addition to academics, the department encourages a variety of co-curricular activities that are managed by students themselves with due support of faculty members. The department also motivates the students to participate in number of competitions and activities at National and International levels.
I am pleased to present the current batch of Chemical Engineering students which possesses robust technical and analytical skills. Their varied skill-set and basic knowledge will give you diverse options to select the students for your esteemed organization. I am confident that these students will outshine the rest and perform as per the expectations of the employers and will truly be the valuable assets to the organizations.