Deptt. of Computer Science & Engineering

Faculty Members of the Department

Sangita Kumari
Faculty Member Under TEQIP-III

Rajendra Aseri
Faculty Member Under TEQIP-III

Bijayakaxmi Sahoo
Faculty Member Under TEQIP-III

Jagjeet Singh
Faculty Member Under TEQIP-III

Ramesh Kumar Huda
Faculty Member Under TEQIP-III

Anand Tanwar
Faculty Member Under TEQIP-III

Deepika Kamboj
Faculty Member Under TEQIP-III

Head of the Department
Name: Dr. Nemi Chand Barwar
Mobile No.: 9829180029
Address: Warden Residence Engg. Hostel no.2,MBM Hostel Campus,Residency Road Jodhpur-342011

About the Department:

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in the year 1992 with the intake of 33 students in B.E. Computer Science & Engineering. Progressively, the Department has grown up with the pace of technological development and started more courses as required by demand of society, time and industry. Today department is offering the following courses:

  1. B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering (4 Years Degree Course) started 1990
  2. B.E. in Information Technology (SFS – 4 Years Degree Course) started in 2000
  3. M.E. with specialization in Computer Science & Engineering started in 2006
  4. Ph.D in Computer Science started in 2009
  5. Master of Computer Applications (3 Years course) started in 1988



“To be a leader in providing excellent educational, research and techno-entrepreneurial resources in the field of Computer Science and Engineering to meet out the existing, future and inter- disciplinary needs of industry and society.”


  • To provide quality education through state-of-the-art teaching-learning methods to produce competent graduates and post graduates in the field of Computer Science, IT and Applications.
  • To create facilities and resources to discover and disseminate knowledge to students for the advancement of society and industry.
  • To partner and collaborate with industry, government and R&D institutions to pace with latest research & sustainable technologies and ensure quality assurance.
  • To impart innovative and entrepreneurial outlook, values, ethics and vision to students to make them responsible professionals and global citizens.


  • PEO1: Graduate will establish himself/herself as effective professional by solving real world problems using exploratory and analytical skills through the offered courses.
  • PEO2: Graduate will demonstrate his/her ability to implement various software development concepts and adapt to rapidly changing environment in advanced areas of Computer Science & Engineering.
  • PEO3: Graduate will embrace professional code of ethics, right conduct and responsible team leadership while deliberately being part of projects which contributes to the society at large without disturbing the ecological balance.


S.No  Name Designation Qualification Specialization/Research Area




1 Dr. N. C. Barwar Professor& Head Ph.D. Computer Networking, MANET, VoD Systems 26 54
2 Dr. Anil Gupta


Professor Ph.D.


Neural Network, Algorithm&Cryptography 26 24
3 Dr. Alok Singh Gehlot Asst. Prof. Ph.D. Robotics, Embedded Systems 18 6
4 Dr. Rachna Verma Asst. Prof. Ph.D. Computer Vision, Image Processing 16 25
5 Shri. Shrwan Ram Associate Professor M.E. Big Data Analytics, Computer Vision  and Machine Learning 20 17
6 Ms. Simran Choudhary Asst. Prof. M. Tech. Algorithms, Cryptography & Network Security 14 09
7 Shri. Abhisek Gour Asst. Prof. M.E. Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, ML 6 01


The Department has various subjects up to date Laboratories with more than 100 PCs including GPU based HPC Servers and workstations, , all connected with high speed network with Internet connectivity with Gateway Security provided through Universal Threat Management Device (UTM)/Firewall to protect against viruses and intrusions. The Department has also Wi-Fi facility which students and staff members can use from any place in the Department.

Department recently has established Wi-Fi and CCTV facilities for students to use their Laptop for Intranet and Internet within department premises.

The Department is also having a power backup of 63 KVA DG Set for captive power generation during load-shedding periods by the State Electricity Board, for the smooth running of the Department.



The faculty members and research scholars in the Department are actively involved in the latest area of computer science and engineering i.e. Video on Demand, Networking, Software Engineering and Software Testing, Neural Network, Information Retrieval, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Sensor Network, Robotics and Big Data Analytics,  Machine Learning, etc.

So far since 2009 a total of 5 Doctors degree has been awarded, and currently 8 are registered scholars and 11 are in the process of registration.

During the various years the teachers of this Department have published so many research papers in National and International reputed Journals and Conferences. The Department had been organized 9 Conferences in the emerging areas from year 2004 to till date sponsored by UGC & AICTE.

Since Inception of the department it’s faculties have executed 3 AICTE, 1 UGC and 1 DST research projects and currently 1 DST,  1 AICTE and  4 TEQIP projects are going on.


Project Grants Received From MHRD/ AICTE/ UGC

S. No.  Project No. Project Title Amount
1 F.No.8017/RDII/BOR/95/ TCOM032/Rec 205 dated    9-12-1995 Study and Applications of Image Processing 05.00 lakh
2 F.8017/RDII/BOR/95/Rec 653 (Pt II) dated 31.3.97 Multimedia Aided Diagnostic System for Radiographic Images 05.00 lakh
3 F.8018/RDII/BOR/MOD(35)/ 99-2000 dated 24.3.2000 Modernisation of Computer Laboratory 15.00 lakh
4 UGC F.No. 37-498/2009 (SR) dated 21.12.2009 3-D Object Reconstruction from Stereo Image pairs 04.83 lakh
5 DLJ/TC/1025 Development of Software Modules for Aid in Biological and Radiological hazard scenarios 09.02 lakh
TOTAL 38.35 lakh



Project Grants Received From TEQIP-III (Year 2019-20)

S. No. Pl Name Project Title Total Project


1 Prof.  N. C Barwar The optimization of storage and access efficiency in Hadoop frame work for small file applications 2,62,000/ -
2 Prof. Anil Gupta& Ms. Simran Choudhary Design of Quantum -Safe Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme 2,00,000/-
3 Dr. Rachna Verma Ground plane detection for autonomous navigation in 3D point cloud captured with RGB – D Camera 2,25,000/-
4 Sh. Abhisek Gaur

Study of Effects of adaptive ambient light and temperature control on congnitive performance of technical undergraduates 2,95,000/-



The Department is regularly organizing UGC & AICTE sponsored Conferences in the emerging areas almost every year, the more detailed information is as below:

Year Name of Conference Papers received Papers Accepted Papers Presented
2004 National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Soft Computing Based Artificial Intelligence, 27-29 February-2004


102 35 28
2005 National Conference on Current Advances in Information Protection and Security, 26-28 February-2005


82 50. 24
2007 National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Simulations and Modeling for Complex System. February 23-24, 2007(MRCS-07) 56. 29 21
2009 National Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Technology, March16-17


75 35 20
2010 National Conference on Advance in Core Computing and Their Challenges, December 1-2 2010(NACCTC-10) 106 79 35
2012 National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Communication and Networking-2012


87 50 35
2013 National Conference on  New Advances  in  Programming Languages and Their Implementations, December -2012

(  APL-2013)

83 52 27
2013 National Conference on  New Advances in  Databases, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

23-24 December 2013(D2MKD-2013)

85 52 42
2015 National Conference on Paradigms in Computing (COPIC)

23-24 DEC 2015

53 42 30



  1. Since Inception of the department, it’s faculties have executed 3 AICTE, 1 UGC and 1 DST research projects and currently 1 DST,  1 AICTE and  4 TEQIP projects are going on.
  2. Since 2004, the department has conducted 09 no’s of National seminar/ Conferences.
  3. In the year 2003 department has coordinated RMCAAT, a state level entrance examination of MCA admissions, as assigned by the state government.
  4. Since last 2 sessions, Prof. (Dr.) Anil Gupta has been executing the nodal center for JoSAA for coordinating NITs admission activity providing a comfort to the students of this region of Rajasthan.
  5. Since last session, Prof. (Dr.) N C Barwar has been executing the nodal center for University’s responsibility towards Plagiarism Detection through URKUND software provided by MHRD.
  6. Prof. (Dr.) Anil Gupta has executed 4 no’s of Online FDP courses in recent under a MHRD initiative EICT Academy, MNIT jaipur.
  7. Students of the department have always been performing very good at various campus placements and the best package from ADOBE has always been won by this department students.
  8. Students of the department has always been performing very good at IITs landmark tech fest Mood Indigo for many years.
  9. Students of the department under supervision of the faculty, are executing a STATE level technical Festival for past many years in the name of ENCARTA, giving a platform to showcase the students’ talent, it has attained a remarkable significance in Industry as well.
  10. Department is also conducting yearly workshop for fresh students for developing interest in Robotics under ESRC.
  11. Students of the department has always been performing excellent in GATE and CAT. In last year AIR 2nd was awarded to our student Jay Bansal in 2019.
  12. In recent, students of the department has started involvement in startups and recently our student Sourabh Pandey and Gopal Sharma won 1st prize in TECHSTARS competition at LNMIIT Jaipur in 2019.



The students from the Department have been selected in reputed organizations which include ADOBE, Infosys, IBM, TCS and Secure Meter etc.  Numbers of students have cleared their GATE and pursuing higher studies leading to Post Graduation in India as well as abroad.  The Department keeps itself in contact with Alumni of the Department serving in various organizations who time to time visiting the Department and conduct the special lectures for updating the knowledge of the students towards research and technology in Industries.

The students passed out from this Department have been getting good positions in private and Govt organization of repute as well as quite a large number of the passed out are working in multi-nationals established in India and abroad.  The Department has expertise in the various areas like internet technology, computer networking, Artificial Intelligence, Operating system etc.


The Department is running number of students’ activities, among them the Technical Festival of “ENCARTA” is regularly organized by the Department Students in the month of October/November which has participation of 200-300 students every year in the various events related to Model Making, Software/Hardware contest, new challenges in Computer Science Engineering etc.  The Department is running Innovation Clubs Open Source Software and LINUX Club, Programming Languages and Software Tools Forum, Embedded Systems and Robotics Club, Technical Debates and Presentations Club under the supervision and guidance by the senior faculty members of the Department:

Department is also conducting yearly workshop for fresh students for developing interest in Robotics under ESRC. The Students of the department has always been performing very good at IITs landmark techfest Mood Indigo since many years.